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Desktop Publishing (DTP) in Language Translation Projects

 What is Desktop Publishing?

DTP is the creation and production of high-quality documents containing text and graphics, formatted for single-page publications such as book covers, fliers, brochures, etc. on a “desktop”. The types of content created using DTP software can be classified as

  • electronic/digital pages: Electronic pages may include websites, digital archives, e-books,
  • virtual pages: Virtual pages based on WYSIWYG process are eventually printed.

DTP services cater to the needs of:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Machine and consumer-goods based industries
  • Consumer electronics ventures
  • Newspaper, periodical, and book publishing houses
  • Professional, scientific and technical services
  • Self-employed workers
  • Administrative and support services
  • International marketing firms

Desktop Publishing Software (DTP) is used to produce:

  • documents
  • inventory sheets
  • invoices
  • newsletters
  • manuals
  • memos
  • brochures
  • menus
  • leaflets
  • pamphlets
  • magazines
  • flyers
  • catalogs
  • posters
  • calendars
  • schedules
  • greeting cards
  • resumes
  • reports
  • invitation cards
  • certificates
  • maps
  • graphs

In order to prepare digital files for DTP translation, one cannot ignore the design elements and layouts. Language and design experts pay attention to even the most minute details, such as the expansion or contraction of the text in the page layout, when the text is translated from one language to the other. Font styles, spacing & padding, and graphics have to be adjusted accordingly.

It has often been experienced that accented characters or writing systems are unsupported in the chosen fonts, posing difficulties in DTP translation. Oftentimes one looking for fonts supporting both European and Asian writing systems ends up with a void; and the only option left is to choose a combination of fonts for translation in multiple languages.

In DTP a user can see the whole project through initial research to ideation to production. The two forms of Desktop Publishing have been identified as

  • specialty services catering to the needs of outside clients, and
  • those used in business that requires

Skilled graphic designers, small business owners, freelancers, etc. use DTP for effective and efficient communication. DTP uses several types of software whether suited for large-scale publishing or small-scale publishing intended to enhance visual communication. Desktop publishers use at least three types of applications:

  • a page layout program,
  • a graphics editor and
  • a vector drawing

DTP software can be enumerated as

 Word Processing Software

  • Microsoft Word
  • Corel WordPerfect

 Page Layout Software

  • Adobe InDesign
  • QuarkXPress
  • Microsoft Publisher

 Home-Based Publishing Software

  • The Print Artist
  • Print Master

 Graphics Software

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • CorelDraw; and

Web Publishing Software

  • Adobe

DTP is truly excellent tooling-especially for those who come to DTP already skilled in the underlying arts of photo-composition, layout, and typesetting.

  • Today DTP is used in translation to multiple languages and for generating various forms of online
  • In the legal field, the DTP translator has to deal with a wide range of
    • legal documents
    • legal contracts
  • court reports
  • witness statements
  • patents
  • trusts
  • wills

This requires a thorough interpretation of domestic court hearing, international trial and legal transcription.

  • It is essential to get absolutely correct medical translation to support a wide range of needs, including
    • patient reports
    • patient interviews
    • prescriptions
    • medical journals
    • medical

Innumerous patients undergo a variety of treatments abroad, and require various medical documents, such as the patient’s medical history, to be translated.

  • Through DTP translation, one can avoid the necessity of undergoing the same medical procedures repeatedly. The accuracy of the details provided to the doctor regarding a particular case depends on the quality of the medical translation. Imprecise interpretation of any term used may result in various delays or problems in the treatment
  • In the financial sector, DTP is used for
  • building portfolios
  • documenting international bids, or
  • documenting acquisitions.

When one is working with international companies and MNCs, one has to make sure that the financial translation is free from any kind of ambiguities that can leave room for misunderstandings.

  • Be it investment in stock markets or banking, retail, insurance asset management, consumer-finance companies, small enterprises or foreign exchange brokerage, with expertise in financial terminology any document can be translated using DTP software.
  • In the technical realm, a variety of documents need practical, timely and cost-effective DTP These documents can be in a variety of forms be it an audio file, a website, or a legal contract, etc. The DTP translation project requires strict quality control procedures so as to ensure negate any conflicts or errors.

Desktop design tools derive from those of the graphic artist and fine art creators. Graphic elements need to be translated and interpreted locally, keeping the target audience in mind so as to ensure that images and icons do not lose their meaning when foundational changes come about during DTP language translation.

There are many ways to add visual interest to a page.

  • Adding dropcaps at the beginning of an article
  • Adding graphic elements such as photos, charts or illustrations, lines or rules.
  • Addition of enlarged fonts, increased line spacing or stretched lettering

Advantages of Desktop Publishing:

  • enhanced visual appearance
  • easy customization options
  • increased productivity
  • lower production costs
  • in-house templates & designs
  • effective and timely production of documents

Things to double check while doing DTP translation:

  • When it comes to Multilanguage book translation, a DTP expert has to ensure that the file formatting remains consistent. The DTP translator has to work in complete synchronization with graphic designer, and proofread and review the content to make sure that the final book produced is in the desired
  • Modern DTP software saves the content of pages separately from the layout. This means it is possible to publish the same message across several media because the computer translates it for If you decide to set layout styles for a text in a word processor and then convert it to DTP, this information may be lost in the translation, especially if you don’t save it in the right format.
  • Names, slogans, and other logotypes may not translate from English to other languages in ways that the designer expected. Brand names have to be different to all the others in their product category and still translate across cultures. Notable cross language howlers exist, for instance, when Coca Cola was first introduced in China, one dialect translated it as Ke-kou- ke-la, which means ‘bite the wax tadpole’!