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Quality Assurance Plan

We follow the mentioned steps in executing our translation enquiries.

Ensuring best quality service is the aim of every translation firm in this competitive world. 
The most important determining factor of Quality Translation is the expertise of the translators. Through our stringent system we choose our linguists on the basis of their domain knowledge expertise, capabilities and experience. Our team of project managers and resources work collectively to understand the client’s requirements, subject matter as well as the target audience for the translated document and work religiously to provide most accurate translation possible. From the point of document submission till the final delivery our project managers work closely with the client and the appointed linguist ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the files and delivering them on time.

  • Document Analysis- First step of the translation
  • Translation quote
  • Selection of specialist linguist
  • Translation process
  • Proof reading by experts
  • Client feedback
  • Styling and Layout setting
  • Final Delivery