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Digital Marketing: the Right Way to Boost your Business

In the digital marketing world, if you know your customer better than the competition, you will win. Since digital marketing has evolved over the years as search marketing, in search marketing, the best web pages usually win. Today, digital marketing is less about digital and more about marketing. Google consider hundreds of factors in deciding which web page to display for a search so buying traffic is a vital part of a marketing strategy. Social media marketing is in great demand, email marketing continues to have an important role in digital marketing; and you must know the video marketing strategies for the best digital marketing results. You can achieve great results from your digital marketing strategy by

  • Setting up realistic goals;

  • Having a good understanding of your business and market;

  • Understanding your customer’s needs;

  • Identifying your potential challenges;

  • Implementing your strategy the right way.

Digital marketing must be a part of every business decision from product development and pricing through to public relations (PR) and must keep up with the social media revolution and regularly evolving internet and consumer behaviour. Digital marketing is for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Digital marketing techniques have moved towards content focus, and great digital marketing strategies are based on creating great content that people want to link to and want to engage with. Successful digital marketers have built their own SEO and social channels and improved their capability to create and maintain effective online brand presence. Finding out about brands and services, is a key part of digital marketing. Whether your digital marketing strategy is right or not can be tested based on these criteria:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Customer conversion from first-time visitors to followers

  • Customer retention

  • Service quality

Professionals use optimum search engine optimization strategies as and pay-per-click advertising to bring visitors to a site. To drive traffic to your website you can consider using paid search via Google AdWords. It works faster than organic SEO but it can be high on your budget if not handled correctly. A paid search is any form of advertising that links an ad with specific keywords so that your website and web pages appear more prominently in search results. Being on top of organic search results requires continuous effort for which every marketer needs to plan whereas the chances of being found without assistance from paid advertising is very difficult for marketers. Digital marketing includes content, search and social media marketing as well as inbound marketing which means applying content and search marketing to target prospects with a defined need. Digital marketers develop marketing strategies for two kinds of timescales:

Annual marketing:

This is a continuous activity and requires annual budgets for visitor building through search engines and other campaigns.

Campaign-specific marketing:

Digital marketing campaigns intended for a product launch through online advertising and marketing need new visitors, that they should successfully convert to customers who purchase the product or services often.

You need to consider search engine optimization (SEO) when developing a content strategy. You must grab every opportunity to ensure that your website ranks higher in Google search because this is what will improve your chances of having your products or services found by your audience. If your website is slow and ineffective, you need to involve a SEO professional. If your SEO budget is limited to simple website development, it should still aim to bring in as many potential customers as possible across a wide range of search terms for the best possible cost per visit. Having back links to your website from good quality websites is the key for success for your Search Engine Optimization strategy. For effective SEO you should focus on link building strategies that can provide higher traffic volumes for your website in the long run.

If you’re not using pay per click, you can use an AdWords account for remarketing which is very simple and requires no minimum amount to spend. Paid traffic is available in many forms, such as pay-per-click advertising using platforms like Google AdWords, and paid ads on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Paid traffic is a costly but powerful tool that can help you build your brand by creating awareness among the people about your products or services, and generating sales. If your site is not SEO friendly, Google won’t even see you, so always use content that has the right focus on your market and potential customers; keep up in the game of basic on-page optimization.

On-page optimization

This deals with the technical optimization of the various elements on your website such as search engine readability, and navigation through your webpages.

Off-page optimization

This refers to techniques that are used to influence the position of a website in organic search results that cannot be managed by on-page optimization of your site. It’s a long-term process determined by your website authority, and also your customers’ feedback. Off-page optimization is about earning online credibility.

Your strategy should be to increase the number of visitors for your website through on-page optimization using the right keywords, by regularly updating blogs, etc. Remember keywords have a very strong impact on the other elements of on-page optimization, so use them right. Another important thing to consider regarding on-page optimization is that you should create multiregional and multilingual versions of your website if you want to increase your market beyond the traditional. Along with this, you should mould your content marketing strategy so that people share your content across their social media networks. Whenever possible provide social-sharing buttons for every piece of content you share because it will facilitate free advertising for your site, increase your digital market, generate brand awareness, and create more customers. Social sharing buttons should be strategically positioned throughout your site to allow customers to share your content quickly and easily across their social networks.

Don’t forget that it is your website that is the most important element in your whole digital marketing strategy and part and parcel of the website is SEO, or the process of aligning content on your website to what your potential customers are looking for. Your content should always be presented in such a way that it is easily accessible to the search engines, and through them to your customers. Pay per click search advertising (PPC) is an extremely effective way of generating search engine traffic quickly; you will be found in the search results when you use the most effective keywords or key phrases. Whatever your business be, the right usage of the keywords can get you better ranks, and side by side help you effectively retain existing customers, and build new customers. The right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy involves understanding how search engines, and making your website better using both on-page and offpage practices so that it will be indexed and ranked successfully by search engines.

Pay per click (PPC) is digital advertising where you have to pay for each click you get, only when someone clicks on your ad. These ads appear on search engine results pages. If you are an advertiser or a digital marketer, you can reap great benefits using Google AdWords which can display your website’s adverts in Google’s search results. It is up to you how much you are willing to pay per click and you can always adjust your budget for digital marketing accordingly. Digital marketing is all about promoting and selling your products and services through optimum online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. It is no different than traditional marketing, as it seeks to develop mutually beneficial relationships with customers, but there are benefits of digital marketing that don’t come with traditional marketing.

What are the benefits of having a strong digital presence?

  • It will easily create awareness or increase the popularity of your website or brand
  • It helps you increase customer engagement both before and after the sale,
  • It can in the long term convert new buyers into rabid fans who buy more often
  • It can provide you the right statistics for customer engagement and satisfaction through customer feedback forms
  • It increases your brand’s or company’s online presence and increases its prospects of performing better as it becomes known through social networks

Digital marketing is ever changing, so are the popular keywords. It is important to keep informed and stay ahead by using Google Trends for analyzing the rise and fall of keyword trends. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is measurable. Search engine algorithms are now placing more emphasis on popularity as a ranking factor, sieving between quality content and poor content, so try to increase the number of shares you get. By providing optimized brand experiences for consumers; providing keyword friendly content based on SEO planning; selling the right products and services; linking your website to social sharing buttons; and using paid adverts whenever you need to increase your sales; you can win this game of digital marketing and see your business grow, day after day.