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Month: January 2020


Best Practices to be Followed in Subtitling Industry for Error-Free Subtitles

Have you ever got frustrated while watching a foreign movie because of its bad subtitles? We are in love with subtitles nowadays, aren’t we? But, a lot of effort goes into the making of complete error-free subtitles. Subtitlers need to keep in mind a lot of things such as timing, punctuations, meaning, sound, capitalization, numbers,…
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Subtitles: Top mistakes to be avoided while doing Subtitling

Subtitling is both a technical as well as a creative process of translating speech and displaying it as text on the screen, as the video progresses. Subtitling is truly an art and has the capability to express the character’s personality or even tamper with it. Audiovisuals have taken over the globe, so it is necessary…
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