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Month: December 2019

Translation vs. Transcreation

Translation vs. Transcreation:  Which is better Language Service & Why?

Translation and transcreation are two popular language services that might sound similar but both are quite different in reality. To understand the differences between these two services, we need to first discuss both of these services separately. What is Translation meaning? Translating a content includes a translation of a written file in one language to…
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Translation vs Interpretation

Translation vs Interpretation: Can they be used Interchangeably?

To develop, the worldwide business you need to interact with the global crowd in their local language as fluently as a local organization would. This may include interpretation of your content, Translation, or both. As firmly related to language fields, the two procedures are regularly used interchangeably—yet both have their particular tasks to carry out…
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subtitling industry infographics

Reasons of Growth in Subtitling Industry in These Days

Don’t we all love to watch movies or a web series with the subtitles? At present, video content is a hot topic. With the rise of global streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, the subtitling industry is climbing the success ladder. “Sacred Games”, a popular Netflix show based on Vikram Chandra’s novel has…
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