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Career in the Translation

Career in Translation Industry

Are you bored with your regular 9 to 5 job? Are you learning a new foreign language? Are you creative and passionate about languages? Have you been thinking about making money out of your passion for languages? If your answer is “Yes”, you would be glad to know that you can have an awesome career…
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What Is The Difference Between Transcription And Translation Services

In the world of language services, transcription and translation services are two of the most popular services that go hand in hand despite having many differences. These two services may sound quite similar, but they belong to two different poles of the earth. Let’s dive deeper into the structure of transcription and translation services to…
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Translation and Localization: Tricks to get into More Markets Faster

Localization has become a very common term in today’s globalized marketplace lingo. While it can mean and dissect into many categories, for most practical purposes, localization refers to text translation keeping intact the original context. Language localization is the process of adapting content localization products, services, and applications for regional or local consumption. Like everywhere…
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How to Find The Best Translation Agency Near You

In today’s rapidly globalizing world, companies and individuals often require documents to be translated from one language to another. Also, it is not always possible (or economically viable) to hire a professional linguist expert in the specific language pair that you want at a particular point of time. In such times, your job gets easy…
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