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Month: March 2020

Subtitling Vs Dubbing

Dubbing Vs Subtitling

Subtitling or dubbing, what is the better choice? The never-ending debate on subtitling versus dubbing has raised concerns in the language sector as well as the film industry ever since a rise in the popularity of multilingual content has come to the fore. With the rising popularity of Netflix and Amazon Prime, foreign films are…
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transcription services

Transcription services: Outsourcing or In-house?

Are you confused between outsourcing transcription services or building an in-house team? In our opinion, the former sounds more reasonable and convenient. A lot of points must be taken into consideration such as location, budget, quality, security and many other things. So, Let’s Dive Deeper into the Major Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription services!   ⮚   …
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