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Translation vs. Transcreation:  Which is better Language Service & Why?

Translation vs. Transcreation

Translation and transcreation are two popular language services that might sound similar but both are quite different in reality. To understand the differences between these two services, we need to first discuss both of these services separately.

What is Translation meaning?

Translating a content includes a translation of a written file in one language to another language. For example, a German client has sent a written file to the translator and the client has opted for Spanish translation. So, the translator’s job is to translate the German file into a flawless and accurate Spanish file.

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What is Transcreation meaning?

Transcreation is the process of grabbing a message created in one language and transporting it to another language. Transcreation not only transforms written content but it also deals with visual designs and images. The process of transcreation makes the whole content culturally acceptable which is quite important while dealing with international markets.

What Are the Differences between Translation and transcreation?

Do you want to make your content more attractive and unique? If yes, then you have to take a step further and switch on to transcreation. Now, let’s discuss why it is different!

●       Say “No” to Word by Word Transformation and Say “Yes” to Creativity

Transcreation is the second step after translation to achieve creative and eye-catching content. Transcreation is all about recreating a concept in another language that resonates with the intended audience. Words or phrases of the source language should not be directly translated word for word into the target language. Poetry or any piece of literature, for example, must not be directly translated as it’s filled with feelings and personal interpretation. For brands, slogans and taglines often include regional slangs and colloquial words that require an approach beyond translation. If it does not go through transcreation then, it might lead to inappropriate transformation.

●       Don’t Be Lost in Translation and Switch to Innovation

Transcreation can be divided into two words- Translation + Re-creation. So, it is obvious that transcreation requires an artistic approach which is not necessary when it comes to translation. Translation mainly focuses on the individual words and finds appropriate interpretation that is closest to the actual term. On the other hand, linguists have absolute freedom as it focuses on the complete message rather than specific words.

●       Transcreation and Connecting Different Communities

Transcreation not only depends on making creative content, but it also focuses on various factors such as language, cultural factors, emotional factors, social factors, and economic factors to deliver the intended message to the target audience. However, translation does not focus on these aspects.

Why Should One Choose Transcreation?

Transcreation is widely popular among various successful multilingual or cross-country marketing campaigns. This language service is chosen by many companies as linguistic, emotional, cultural, social factors are all equally pivotal to effectively deliver a brand’s message and successfully spread it to various foreign markets, simple translation may not be enough for this job.

Also, transcreation service not only deals with textual content but it also deals with visual effects such as colors, layouts, images, etc.

Redbull is a famous energy drink brand that transcreated the complete brand to sound more appealing to Chinese consumers. They altered their written slogans, brand colors, visuals, packaging, etc. The Chinese Redbull cans come in golden and red as these colors suggest prestige and luck in China.

The main variation between these services is quite significant and that is freedom of a linguist. However, both of these services must be practiced by a reliable and genuine linguist or an agency because each brand must be conscious of their image in the market. A professional translation agency can enter the scenario to save some time and hustle to hunt for a genuine linguist. Such agencies deploy genuine and experienced linguists who know their job and can deliver the desired results within the specified deadlines. Specifically for transcreation, one needs experienced heads who have encountered similar projects in the past and have the ability to recreate not just the text but even banners/audios and videos into the local flavor for the target audience. Hence going for a professional translation agency will often prove to be the smart idea, as it saves a lot of time and effort of the end consumer and they can focus on business development.